August 14, 2018

The expense of young drivers’ insurance

 For every young driver insurance is practically unaffordable.  Cheap car insurance quotes have rocketed so high in recent years that a newly-licenced 17-year-old is realistically looking at paying more than £1,500 to insure their car and it doesn’t look like changing anytime soon.

There are many factors that contribute to the high levels of insurance that young drivers have to contend with and, unfortunately, individual drivers don’t have much control over them. The rise in claims resulting from accidents has risen rapidly in recent years, which has led insurers to bump up premiums to counterbalance what they have to pay out. This means that some drivers have to pay the price, literally, for the reckless driving and insurance claims of others.

The main reason why insurance premiums are so high is that insurers see young drivers as high-risk drivers. Accident statistics have shown that drivers aged between 18 and 25 are involved in more crashes than any other age group. The only way a young driver can really lower their car-insurance premium is by not becoming part of those accident statistics and driving safely. For every year a driver goes without making a claim, their insurance premiums will tumble that little bit further.

It is worth every driver checking over numerous policies to guarantee that they are getting the best deal for them because there can be significant differences between insurance companies. Once you get a quote to renew your policy and you’ve made no claims in your last 12 months, you have a short period in which you can change or cancel it, so make sure you compare it against other policies (get quotes on comparison sites) to bag yourself the best deal for your money.

Having hairdressing salon insurance will provide peace of mind

Having hairdressing salon insurance will provide peace of mind so that if anything goes wrong you will have cover. Any number of problems may unexpectedly affect your business so having adequate cover could make the difference between keeping your business and losing it.

The precise cover varies between policies so it is vital that you check exactly what coverage is included in your policy to make sure that the cover you buy is adequate for your salon.

Although hairdressing on the whole doesn’t require a lot of stock to be carried, you will still have to restock the consumables that you do carry on a regular basis. If an order you had placed was destroyed whilst on its way to you, the potential is there for you to lose a lot of money. Therefore you will probably want to ensure that your hairdressing salon insurance covers this kind of loss.

Any business which involves having the public on your premises increases the chance of somebody injuring themselves whilst there. It may someone slipping or falling on a spillage, or something as simple as spilling a drink on their clothes. Therefore it is vital that your salon insurance includes cover for public liability, this will also extend to pay any relevant legal expenses and/or compensation.

Another similar element will be employers liability which provides protection if one of the people working for you sustain an injury of any kind whilst they are at work. If they were to scald themselves with excessively hot water or trip on a power supply cable would be examples of this. It is usually a legislative requirement for employers to have this type of insurance.

Your hairdressing salon insurance should also cover you for any accidental damage to the fittings and fixtures but it will pay you to check the policy wording to make sure that it isn’t missed out.

High value or unusual items in the salon need to be discussed with your insurer as they may not be included as standard, in which case you will need to pay to have them added to the policy cover.

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The benefits of multi-car insurance for business users

If you run a business with a number of staff with company cars, then it is sensible to consider multi car insurance from commercial vehicle insurers as it can save you a good amount of time and money. These policies have been popular with business owners, because they have a good amount of flexibility in the choice of the cover. For instance, there are policies which allow you to insure an employed driver over a certain age (usually either 21, 25, and 30), and will vary depend on the circumstances of the drivers (for example, the employee’s license, whether they have claimed before, alongside any convictions). Naturally, a policy will be more expensive for commercial vehicle insurers to cover more risky situations, such as those without a clean license, and for covering a younger age bracket. So you may want to bear this in mind when applying for insurance, and an easy way to reduce the cost on your behalf is to include an older age bracket. Some insurance policies will be based on the type of vehicle, and prices will vary depending on whether the vehicle is a van or not, and the size of the vehicle, and license needed to drive the vehicle.

If exceptions need to made, for instance, an employee who falls below the age bracket for your insurance, or has a history of insurance claiming, then this driver would need to be approved in exception by your provider before they are able to drive the vehicle. If you do not follow this procedure, then you will not be insured for that employee in the case of an accident involving that driver.

There are commercial vehicle insurers which provide an ‘any driver’ policy, which is far more convenient but more expensive, as it covers any employee who needs to drive a company vehicle without the notification of any new drivers needed. Some insurance policies will offer multi car and multi driver deals, which will allow up to 4 drivers and 4 cars to be covered under the same policy, though the same age restrictions usually apply, and this cover works best for small companies and firms.

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