August 14, 2018

Classic Car Insurance Comparison

Own a classic car? It’s that dreaded time for insurance once again and we all shop around for the best deal don’t we? At least we do with younger vehicles. We don’t get any discounts for loyalty these days, in fact the reverse is true and we motorists seem to get penalised for sticking with our insurance company when renewal time comes around.

However, when we are dealing with a classic car or cars, these vehicles are more than the sum of their parts, they are our passion, our pride and joy and we want to protect our investment. Looking for the best deal for classic car insurance is somewhat more involved with a whole set of different parameters to consider compared to insuring a non-classic.

For one thing your classic could be a rare model that has an agreed valuation, verified by a concourse club or organisation or your car gets used rarely, spending most of its life in a controlled environment, coming out for occasional club runs, shows or rallies.

There are many considerations. Of course we still want the best deal, but it is important to consider what your policy will actually cover. What might seem like a cheaper deal with one insurer may not actually be a better deal in the event of a claim.

There are classic car insurance comparison websites and this is a good place to start your search before considering independent sites not found on these (comparison) sites. Having done your research you may want to phone around next as speaking to an adviser may save you money substantially, remember they want your custom and agents get bonuses for sales. Take control of the call, you are the customer and you can choose to go elsewhere – but do remember to be friendly and courteous, they are doing a job and are also consumers just like you. It could pay off in your favour.

Lastly, if you are not already a member of a club dedicated to your marque, I would urge you to consider joining one. Membership subscriptions are never expensive and exclusive. As well as the obvious benefits of social networking with other enthusiasts for your marque, most clubs have discount schemes with participating insurance companies giving you not only substantial savings but also peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that your insurance company understands your motoring passion.

Enjoy Life with Pleasure Boat Insurance Protection

There is nothing like owning a boat! Whether it is a sea going yacht, a cruising motor boat, a canoe, kayak or rowing boat, the enjoyment you get from it cannot be compared with anything else. However, to obtain full benefit from your craft and to have peace of mind, it is always wise to have the protection of pleasure boat insurance.

Comprehensive coverage is available form various underwriting agents and brokers and if you carry out some research you will find a quotation the meets your particular needs, at rates that are highly competitive and you pay for only the coverage you require.

If you are sailing the oceans in your yacht, it is an essential part of your policy conditions, that your insurers understand your planned voyages. This will enable them to extend cover to you for the various regions you intend visiting. Add to this, that you will need extra cover if you are racing the yacht. This insurance protection will be in respect of your mast, spars, rigging and sails. For those faster moving sailors in their speed boats, you must inform your insurance company if you are using your boat for water skiing purposes, or other forms of towing.

You need pleasure boat insurance for canoes, kayaks and rowing boats that place owners in a world of their own. Whether related to the excitement of battling the ocean with a paddle, or the adrenalin rush of white water rapids, or even if you are just quietly enjoying, rowing on a peaceful river. This type of insurance policy can include third part liability, cover for the hull and equipment, personal effects, damage to the vessel during transportation and other benefits all worth considering.

If your hobby, or passion is cruising the inland waterways and you live on board, then it is important for you to have adequate insurance. It is immaterial whether your boat is new or you are due to renew your cover for an older craft. Make sure you have the right insurance cover at the right price.

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Help With Mortgage Payments

Homeowners the length and breadth of the country are being financially squeezed. Meeting the costs of food and fuel bills, especially in this climate, are the main concerns of households, and other payments such as mortgages are often put on the back burner. For those struggling to pay off their mortgages, there are ways in which you can get help. Using online tools such as a mortgage calculator can prove to be very helpful, but there are other ways in which help are being provided.

Struggling homeowners nationwide are being given help by the government. In households where the main breadwinner has lost their job and is claiming benefits such as Jobseekers’ Allowance (JSA), Income-related Employment and support allowance and Income support, there was a scheme introduced by the previous Labour government in 2009 called the Homeowners’ Mortgage Scheme (HMS), where assistance was offered to households which experienced a temporary loss in income.

HMS allowed those who were eligible for help to defer paying part of the mortgage for a period lasting up to two years, but this scheme for new applicants on 21st April 2011. However, the new coalition government have kept a second scheme going. The Support for Mortgage Interest (SMI) initiative will remain open until January 2013.

Like HMS, it was designed to help those claiming benefits after losing their jobs. It will help people pay off the first £200,000 of their mortgages, but anyone with more than that amount to pay off will have to pay in full for the amount above the £200,000 threshold. The interest rate used to work out SMI presently stands at 3.36%. Some politicians and lenders are critical of SMI, but as Chancellor George Osborne confirmed in the last Budget, SMI is here to stay for at least the rest of this year.

SMI is there to help homeowners who are suffering a short-term cash flow crisis, and need to focus on paying for the essentials before covering the cost of mortgage payments. It can help those who’ve suddenly found themselves out of work or who are struggling to get by on a low wage or pensions.

If you’re in a situation where you can’t keep up with payments, it’s worth looking into getting help though such schemes as SMI, as well as through using mortgage calculators and other online tools to see what solutions are out there to solve your payment problems.

The Importance of Insurance for Landlords

The owner of a property is generally regarding it as an investment and when renting to tenants, it is essential that it be protected from any damage, which could affect its value, or incur repairs, other than usual maintenance. The income from the rent paid by tenants, will contribute towards any outstanding mortgage repayments and possibly the maintenance of the property.

As with any form of investment, every available precaution should be taken to safeguard it, for example coverage by specific insurance. When related to a tenanted property, which is a significant asset, the owner has additional priorities as opposed to the normal homeowner. Standard building insurances policies are designed to provide various aspects of protection, with the usual cover extended including protection against fire, damages and weather and theft. While this type of policy fulfills a general purpose, the owners of properties occupied by tenants, require a particular landlord insurances, designed to ensure uninterrupted rent and cash flow.

Protection for the Landlord

Among the terms incorporated into landlords insurances, are those protecting the owner from financial losses which cover the building and options to insure any form of content inside the property owned by the landlord. The form of a tenanted property is divided into two components and assets, consisting of:

• The building
• Income generated by property rental

Any type of insurance should be designed to give the policyholder peace of mind, regarding any potential contingency. Similarly, the owner of a rented property should minimize the risks involved when having tenants occupying it. Should the tenants fail to pay their rent, a difficult financial situation could be created for some property owners. Therefore, it is crucial that insurance protection is used to ensure finances are available to pay the mortgage repayments and an income.

For any owner of a rented property, the potential for incidents with legal involvement is always a factor. Therefore, it is critical that landlords should have public liability coverage, for any legal process and the costs thereof. This could relate to death or bodily injury sustained to persons, involving the property.

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