August 14, 2018

Minicab Insurance — Special Types of Insurance Cover

If you are a cab driver, you are well aware that that you need to buy a minicab insurance policy if you want to operate legally. There are two main kinds of insurance policies which you can choose from. One is public hire insurance and the other is private hire insurance. The type you get is mainly dependent on the type of badge that you have chosen to apply for from the taxi licensing company. Where the public hire insurance policy is concerned, all cab drivers who drive a taxi must get one. Hackney carriages are also considered public hire vehicles and drivers of such must have public hire insurance as well. According to law in the United Kingdom, drivers of public hire vehicles must take out this particular insurance.

There are numerous insurance companies operating in the market that provide this specific type of insurance cover. While most have generally the same features, the price and additional extras will definitely vary. One thing that isn’t made mandatory by law but which every cab driver should ask for as part of the insurance policy is public liability. This is necessary because at any time you may face getting sued for negligence, whether it actually occurred or not, by a passenger. In such a case, you will be covered by your insurance policy. It is an especially good idea if you have a driving job that includes dealing with organisations such as educational institutes or operate some sort of health authority contracts.

The bottom line is that if you are going to be driving any sort of vehicle at all in the United Kingdom, then it is obligatory for you to obtain an insurance policy. This is to protect both the person driving any vehicle as well as to protect the person who is a passenger. Specialised insurance policies are available to suit all needs and preferences and minicab insurance is just one of the areas that are covered.

Compare insurance online to get the best deal ensuring you purchase the right kind of insurance and the right level of cover.

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Protecting your Business Interests with Public Liability Insurance

Planning for the success of your business involves several crucial steps. Whether you are planning to expand your current business or you are considering starting a new business venture, it is imperative to ensure your business is adequately protected. One way to do that is by purchasing sufficient business insurance. Purchasing insurance for your business not only protects your physical property, but will also provide protection for a wide range of potential risks your business may face.

Operating a business in today’s marketplace can be rife with risk. This is particularly true when you operate a business in which you must interact with the public. Regardless of the type of business you operate or you are considering starting, if customers, clients or members of the public will be present at any time in your facility or place of business, public liability insurance is a necessity. Liability insurance is different from other types of insurance you might purchase for your business in that it will provide protection from legal expenses and medical claims that might arise if a third-party should sustain some type of harm to themselves or their property while in your place of business. As you may already be aware, the legal expenses associated with defending yourself from this type of claim can be expensive on their own. If you are found liable for medical expenses or property damage, those costs could easily put your business in danger. The best way to protect yourself is with liability insurance.

Professional indemnity insurance is also a good option for many business owners. This type of insurance differs from liability insurance in that rather than providing protection for property or bodily injury it offers protection if a lawsuit is brought against you due a mistake or error that is made during the course of regular business activities. Indemnity insurance was once typically only used by physicians, solicitors or others who engaged in providing professional advice. Today, business owners in a wide array of industries have found benefits to professional indemnity insurance.

In today’s uncertain world you can never be too cautious. In order to protect your business and everything you have worked so hard to build, it is imperative that you have the proper type and a sufficient amount of insurance. Both liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance will give you the protection you need to operate your business with complete confidence and assurance.

Do you need Redundancy Protection Insurance?

There are very few average working people who can afford to live to their normal standard without the benefit of an income. The question more frequently being asked is how you would manage should your income be lost for whatever reason. For example, paying the mortgage and even the buying food!

There are fortunately, various alternatives available to you should you require redundancy protection insurance. Among them, is protection to cover your mortgage payment for between sic to twelve months in the event of an unexpected happening! Another option is unemployment insurance which should not be too costly and would provide cover in respect of a loss of income in respect of redundancy, or your mortgage payments.

When considering insurance plans of this type, you should be aware of those that seem very cheap. If they seem too good to be true, they usually are! Carry out your own research and spend time comparing the different companies, the cover they are offering related to the cost and what is in the small print. In certain instances you would be allowed to select an unemployment only coverage, which would provide protection against redundancy or other involuntary unemployment. The cover will be extended to give protection should you be forced to stop working, due to your having to become a full time carer for an immediate family member.

Redundancy protection insurance is not confined to cover only mortgage payments. It could also be utilised for your rental payments, utility and council tax accounts, or directed towards payment for the monthly food costs. A further option is that you are able to choose an accident and sickness policy, which would extend cover, should you be unable to work due to an accident or disabling illness.
Many working people decide that both of these options are worth investing in. However, be aware of not loading yourself with cover that is either duplicated, not needed or is already part of another policy that you have already. Therefore, choose the insurance provider carefully, by ensuring they have are established and with a proven claims history.

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Get the Cheapest Car Insurance

When determining your auto insurance needs there are many methods that you can use to obtain cheap car insurance. However, getting the cheapest cost for car insurance does not mean that policy options will be inadequate for the price.

Compare Quotes

Obtain a rate quote from a local agent or from an auto insurance company online. Use car-insurance comparison techniques to determine which company has the best price. Make a note of the options that are offered by each company. Insurance companies that offer policies online may not provide the same support that is provided by a local insurance agent. You can also ask your friends and family if they recommend a local agent or an insurance company.

Available Discounts

Getting the cheapest insurance that is available requires using discounts. Discounts will reduce your policy costs depending on what is available. Many discounts are available that you can use to lower the cost of your car insurance policy. One type of discount that is available for your car-insurance policy is an age-based discount. One type of age-based discount is a mature discount. A mature discount is made available to individuals who are 55 or above. Another type of age-based discount is a price drop for the premium when a young driver has attained the age of 25.

Location and Use of Vehicle

The garage location of your vehicle is a factor in the price of your premium. If your home is in an area with high crime, you may pay a higher premium for your car-insurance. The use of your vehicle is also a factor to the premium cost. Typically, a vehicle can be for commuting or personal use. When your car is used to commute to work, the distance that you travel to work is factored into the premium. To lower the cost of your car insurance make sure your vehicle use is being classified correctly.

Change the Excess

You can pay less for your car insurance by selecting a higher excess. This is the amount you need to pay before your insurance pays out for a claim. If you increase the excess for your policy to $500 or more you can easily get yourself the cheapest car insurance. When you increase the policy excess it is less that insurance companies need to pay when you file a claim.


When using various car insurance comparison techniques you can find the cheapest car insurance price that meets your needs. If you have multiple policies with the same insurance company you may be able to combine them to receive a multi-policy discount. This can decrease the premium for a car-insurance policy another 10 to 20 percent.

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Get Yourself a Car Insurance Comparison

There are hoards of people know who have wised up about car insurance comparison. They have realized that they can be saving a lot of money for themselves by shopping around before committing to any particular car-insurance policy. The best part about this is that it is not difficult to compare car-insurance quotes. It is actually just a matter of using the available tools of the internet to find the best prices today.

In order to compare cheap car-insurance one needs to first consider what they are currently paying. If the amount seems high, it likely is. Although insurance companies try to sell everyone on buying some of their most expensive policies, these are often not necessary. It is usually the case that most people can get away with keeping the minimum insurance required by law for the time being. If that person decides to up their insurance at a later time, then they are more than welcome to. However, during money saving times it is best to keep the minimum.

Those who want to compare cheap car-insurance can also rely on friends and even strangers on the internet to provide them with some valuable information. These individuals are more than likely going to be willing to swap stories about the different insurance companies they have tired or heard about. They get the benefit of sharing information with someone who will then in turn share information with them in the future possibly. That may sound far fetched to some people, but there are entire forums online dedicated to the topic.

People who spend some of their time comparing cheap car insurance quotes are likely to save plenty of money. That money can go towards things that need to be taken care of, or even some fun or entertainment. People have to remember that the hard work that they put into this kind of thing right now ends up paying dividends in the future. It is really just a matter of getting over the hump and getting the work done. Those who do this kind of thing are not likely to complain about the results that they are able to get.