August 14, 2018

Landlords and property maintenance

While the housing market continues in its current slump, people experiencing problems with meeting the mortgage may consider renting out their home and moving themselves into rental or shared accommodation.

There are a number of considerations and becoming a landlord is a decision not to be made lightly. It is a commitment and one you need to be fully obligated to meeting.

One of the major considerations is your property and its condition. Obviously the better state it is in, the more likely it is that you will receive top rent for it. If it has been the family home for some time, it might not be as pristine as you’d like it to be so there may be a need for some primping before you let it out. Many landlords take the route of allowing tenants to decorate but you might not like the results. Not a good idea if you are hoping to move back in after a short tenancy.

A similar issue is property maintenance whilst it is being let. Having landlord property insurance will cover you for any tenant damage to the property but there are certain obligations that you as a landlord are responsible for about general maintenance of your rental properties. A landlord property insurance policy may actually exclude some of these items so it is important to check exactly what is covered.

As a landlord you are responsible for
• Structural repairs
• Maintenance of heating and hot water systems
• Repairs to baths, toilets, sinks and other sanitary ware
• The safety of any electrical and gas appliances you provide
• The provision of an Energy Performance Certificate

If your property is in good condition or you invest in some ‘tidying up’ before deciding to let, a sensible way to manage the landlord’s responsibilities is to engage a letting agent.

A letting agent takes away the need for you to be an attentive landlord, meaning you really just have to have a watching brief. This doesn’t mean abdicating your responsibilities to be a good landlord. Engage a good letting agent who will look after your interests, even perhaps to a greater degree than you would do if you managed the property yourself.

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Ensure Your 2012 Celebration Goes Without a Hitch with Event Insurance

Event planning is an exciting and rewarding, yet stressful job to do. Dealing with unreliable vendors, weather complications, unruly staff and never mind the every fussy and demanding client can make the most together event coordinators head spin. The responsibility is incredible and if one sits down and works it all out, it can be very overwhelming.

Even the best planning, the best staff, the best vendors, the best weather, the best clients and the most perfect execution record, will not stop things from going wrong at the last minute, or unexpectedly. In the unlikely event things do go wrong; the event coordinator can become entirely responsible for everything. In fact if there are any accidents, injuries, damages or even fires, legally the responsibility for covering all the costs and repairing all the damages lies solely with the event planners.

It is essential for all event organizers to have the proper Public Liability Insurance for Events, to cover them for any damages to property, accidents or injury to the public. Any negligence or any member of the public being injured during the event falls under the cover of public liability insurance and all the legal costs and damages will be included in the policy.

Street parties and carnivals will also need to have Public Liability Insurance for Events in place, with the Queen’s Jubilee around the corner, street parties and celebrations will be everywhere, but don’t get caught out as the organizer or host of one of the street parties during the jubilee, without public liability insurance, rather have the peace of mind that if anything does go wrong, it will all be taken care of.

What makes street parties so much fun, is the smaller space filled with huge amounts of people all in a very festive, party mood. The problem is for organizers is that exact combination is what can cause accidents and injuries, and one needs to know that all the bases have been covered and that the public are free to get out there and enjoy the party.

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Be Rewarded with Budget Taxi Insurance

Insurance is by some regarded as a necessary evil. It is something you do not want to pay for, and even think you may never need. Unfortunately, unexpected mishaps do occur, which may result in serious consequences. It is then that having insurance cover justifies that monthly premium.

With the cost of living continuously rising, the affordability factor of any item or service has become a primary consideration for most people. It follows therefore, that making decisions related to your insurance needs would be based on the foundation of researching the best quotes for budget taxi insurance.

An important factor of any insurance policy is the “no claims bonus” which if you have accumulated over a period of more than five years, could give you a saving of 60% to 70% on your premium. This is something worth striving to build on and instead of claiming for insignificant amounts related to damage repairs, pay for it directly as it could save you in the long term.

To obtain the best rates for any taxi related to budget taxi insurance, you should keep the named drivers on a policy to the absolute possible minimum. It is natural that the more coverage extended by the insurers, greater is their risk and higher is the premium. Another method of receiving a discounted premium is the option of paying a voluntary excess in respect of a claim. However, keep in mind that this would not eliminate your obligation of having to pay a compulsory excess as well. Again, consider the affordability factor in the event of a substantial claim!

Insurance policies are generally designed around specific application and occupations; therefore, if your insurance is related to you as a taxi driver, then you could need additional coverage. This could apply to usage of the vehicle in a personal capacity, or in connection with unrelated part-time work. It is not usual for a budget insurance to include added benefits, for example, windscreen damage or legal cover, which could significantly raise the cost of your premium. Accordingly, review your particular needs carefully, before making your decision.

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