August 14, 2018

Taxis Insurance

Be careful when you take out a taxi insurance policy to make sure of what your excess is going to be and your protected no claim bonus. There are many companies out there that hurriedly sell you taxis insurance policies, without giving you a full explanation of how the benefits of protected ‘no claim’ works for you.

A protected no claim bonus in reality is just giving you insurance for your standard no claim bonus, and it is not transferable when it comes to renewal time for your cover. However, should your policy be a cheaper one than you have had up until now, do note that low cover has plenty of policy restriction attached. Query what the cover provides for you. For example, cover for your radio, or glass cover and further, the provision for a courtesy vehicle, should this be necessary.

Tips for reducing costs for taxi insurance

If you had no claims on a previous taxi insurance policy you could have a more substantial saving on your new policy, than someone who had claimed on theirs and either wanted to change insurers or just renew their policy.

Another saving is, if you restrict the number of drivers that you have for the taxi. Numerous taxi insurance policies will offer you a large discount if the taxi is restricted to having only one driver. The insurers take into account the driving experience of the driver as well. In short, the longer the driving experience, the cheaper the premium will be, and how long the drivers have had their local authority taxi badge for, further adds to the amount of discount offered.

Something else to remember when taking out taxis insurance is to take out a policy covering public liability. It is always far wiser to be safe and have cover, than when a problem arises, and too late you realise that you do need public liability insurance.

Furthermore, if you have a fleet of taxis, this too will enable you negotiating for good discounts and bonuses, and in this scenario, you will have to have employer’s insurance as well. This is legally compulsory.

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Landlord – Have You Adequate Building Insurance?

The night is bitterly cold and windy and your tenants light a fire in their lounge fireplace. They have friends visiting and they all sit round the fire drinking hot chocolate, rubbing their hands together in an effort to keep extra warm, as the glowing fire is not sufficient to heat up the large area of the lounge. Eventually, the friends leave, and the tenants go up to bed in the double-story house, leaving embers still alight glowing downstairs in the fireplace.

One ember pops on to a nearby carpet, igniting it. By the time the tenants wake from a deep sleep and smell the burning flames, the entire downstairs living area is alight. The fire leaps around the house fast, the tenants manage to escape, but before the fire engines arrive, the house has burnt to the ground.

Now comes the crunch; you have not insured the property adequately enough to cover the cost of rebuilding. The tenants were alright, they had lost all their belongings and friends gave them temporary accommodation. They had insured their belongings adequately, so besides the inconvenience of it all, they were in a position to replace. Not so the devastated landlord! You didn’t have landlord buildings insurance.

What a good building insurance policy covers

• Combined Commercial and residential buildings
• Cover for houses, bungalows and flats
• Contents cover at ‘new for old’
• Property owner’s liability
• Loss of rent cover
• Up to 45 days cover for unoccupied premises
• Reasonable excess for claims

Buying landlord buildings insurance may not be a legal requirement, but it certainly is advisable. There are a great number of insurers for you to get quotes from, or else, have a policy tailored for your specific requirements. On the web, are details and offers of insurance companies, all waiting to do business and provide you with quotes. Overall, the policy covers automatically fire, lightning, flood, earthquake, subsidence, riot, water leakage, ground heave, landslip, and malicious damage.

For landlords to have the best cover that is out there for the properties that they let out is not negotiable, just absolutely necessary.

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