August 14, 2018

Insurance options for disabled drivers

 Motability is a scheme to help disabled drivers get vehicles such as cars, powered wheelchairs and scooters on contract hire. It enables disabled drivers to rent specially modified vehicles at an affordable cost that also includes maintenance cost, insurance and breakdown cover. Motability is available to anyone who qualifies for higher rate mobility component of Disability Living Allowance (DLA) or war pensioners’ mobility supplement. The scheme is also open to parents or carers of children who qualify for the higher rate mobility component of DLA.

How Motability works

The Motability scheme allows for disabled drivers to lease cars that are modified for their mobility needs. The majority of cars leased will take up your entire Motability allowance unless you opt for a small vehicle. If you opt for a more expensive vehicle, you may be required to pay an upfront cost that will vary depending on what vehicle you want. If you cannot afford to make this advance payment, you can apply for help from the Motability charitable fund who will assess your case.


Motability has helped many disabled drivers in the UK reclaim their independence, and this is undoubtedly a great thing as it has also allowed for those who do not qualify to have access to a stream of affordable, second-hand modified vehicles. The problem is that not every disabled person can qualify for Motability and this can be down to a number of reasons:

•             You don’t qualify for the higher rate mobility component of Disability Living Allowance.

•             You want a vehicle that does not appear on their list.

•             You have a history of insurance claims.

•             You have some form of driving convictions.

This means that if you are a disabled driver, you have to find an insurer that will cover you, and often this can be quite expensive. Insurers such as Chartwell Insurance will allow drivers who used to be on the Motability scheme to have an introductory discount, insuring almost any kind of vehicle they may have.  There have been many problems with the Motability scheme in some cases where disabled drivers have allowed friends or family use their car, and as a result some have lost their allowance.  One advantage of using another insurer over the Motability scheme is that you can have other people use your car without risking your insurance policy.

Finding the best insurance option depends on what you qualify for, as well as the vehicle you wish to insure. Be sure to investigate specialist insurers, and use price comparison websites to find the best deals.

The Cabbie’s Guide to Becoming a Driver in the UK

Becoming a taxi driver is no easy feat, but the good news is that there are very few restrictions that bar people from at least attempting to become a taxi driver. The first step is training, but the true test begins when the individual is actually a fully qualified driver as that’s when hackney carriage insurance and all the other types of cover begin to crop up.

Learning to Drive

The first step is learning to drive. If the individual doesn’t own a UK or an EU driving license then they can’t become a taxi driver or even drive at all on the roads of the UK. This is why the nearest driving school should be sought out for lessons. Once the license has been gained then it’s time to apply to become a taxi driver.

Most drivers will need to be 21 years old or over and will have needed to have held their license for at least 12 months. However, licensing boards around the country are usually open to the possibility of making an exception.


This is where the choice between hackney carriage insurance and private hire insurance comes in. If the individual joins a company then it won’t matter because the choice will be made for them. But when it comes to the driver creating their own company a decision has to be made. The carriage insurance is where passengers can be picked up from anywhere, whereas private hire insurance is where the cab must be called to a certain destination to pick somebody up. Each has its own pros and cons, so weigh these up before coming to a decision.

Know the Area

The only way to get to know the area is to actually drive around it. If the area is well-known prior to actually becoming a driver then this shouldn’t be an issue. However, if some practice is needed then the only way to get better is to drive. Alternatively, there are some aids that can be used to help out with this, like GPS systems and maps, but the most competent taxi drivers will know where they are going off by heart.

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How can you bring down the cost of your child’s car insurance policy

Having paid for all the driving lessons and exams for your child to finally get their driving licence, finding affordable car-insurance is the next mentally and financially draining task on hand. As you will no doubt know, young drivers are extremely expensive to cover when it comes to car-insurance, with 17-25 year olds making up for one third of all road collisions. It is therefore of the utmost importance that you find the right cover for your child, and most importantly, at the right price. This article covers a number of things to bear in mind when looking to bring down the cost of your child’s car-insurance.

Put yourself on their policy

Many parents may be misguided in thinking that if they insure themselves as the primary driver of their child’s car that they can help save money on the insurance premium. This is one of the biggest misconceptions in the car-insurance world. Often referred to as fronting, this practice is illegal and should be avoided at all costs. Despite this, there are a number of ways you can legally bring down the cost of your child’s car-insurance-policy. By registering yourself as the secondary responsible driver on your child’s vehicle, you can help make significant savings. Research has gone to show that having a secondary occasional driver over the age of 40 can dramatically reduce the cost of a young person’s car-insurance policy.

Choose the right car

If you intend to buy a car for your child, it’s advised that you choose a vehicle which prioritises road safety over speed and aesthetic. Flashy sports cars prove extremely expensive to insure for young drivers because of the inherent risk that comes with them. Insurers want to insure drivers that they know will be responsible and safe, so opting for a safe first car is always advised if you intend to bring down the cost of insuring your child.

Extra courses

Enrolling your child in additional driving courses may seem like an unnecessarily expensive option but it has been proven to be a good method of reducing young people’s car-insurance premiums. By gaining these new certificates, you can show insurers that your child has all the relevant training to be a safe and responsible driver.

Short-term insurance

If insuring your child proves to be too expensive, you can have a look into short term/temporary car insurance policies for your child, which can cover them from anywhere from 1 day to a month. Be sure to read the fine print as this option will not be available for all drivers.


Finding the best insurance prices is down to thorough research, so try to use price comparison websites to find the best deals.  The car-insurance market is extremely competitive, with many insurers willing to price match, so don’t be scared to haggle. Buying Swinton young drivers insurance has for many, proven to be a great cost effective way of covering their child. If all else fails, why not try speaking with other parents who may have already done the work for you!

Adequate Cover with cheap public liability insurance

Public liability insurance is very important for any business in the service industry, and should be an integral part of any business. In these modern times, companies and businesses are being held responsible for injuries and damage to property and goods on their business premises.

Having public liability insurance will provide protective cover for all businesses, their clients, distributors, their neighbours, contractors, employees, suppliers, and other staff who work or whom deliver products to the businesses premises.

Public liability insurance doesn’t have to cost a small fortune. Cheap public liability insurance can be found that will still provide the adequate cover for your business’s insurance needs. Businesses who are more at risk for public liability claims are service providers like mechanics, construction workers, manufacturers and other providers who require staff to either work on their premises or on client’s premises.

With members of the public hardly hesitating to submit claims against negligent business or companies, the courts are having a field day clamping down on companies that don’t take the proper insurance responsibilities.

Even if you think that cheap public liability insurance is an unnecessary expense, then think of the fact that the cost of having to cover a claim made against you or your business, has the potential to completely bankrupt your company.

Public liability insurance can be combined with other insurance, such as professional indemnity insurance as part of a complete and comprehensive insurance policy for your company or business.

A reputable insurance broker who specialises in public liability insurance will correctly be able to advise you on what insurance you and your business need, what it will entail and what you are covered for entirely and whether you will need to add on additional insurance as well.

The bottom line is, at the end of the day, if your company is found to be guilty of negligence, and there is a claim laid against your company due to a direct cause of that negligence like injury or damage, your company could be facing having to close the doors of your business for good.

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