September 21, 2018

Having hairdressing salon insurance will provide peace of mind

Having hairdressing salon insurance will provide peace of mind so that if anything goes wrong you will have cover. Any number of problems may unexpectedly affect your business so having adequate cover could make the difference between keeping your business and losing it.

The precise cover varies between policies so it is vital that you check exactly what coverage is included in your policy to make sure that the cover you buy is adequate for your salon.

Although hairdressing on the whole doesn’t require a lot of stock to be carried, you will still have to restock the consumables that you do carry on a regular basis. If an order you had placed was destroyed whilst on its way to you, the potential is there for you to lose a lot of money. Therefore you will probably want to ensure that your hairdressing salon insurance covers this kind of loss.

Any business which involves having the public on your premises increases the chance of somebody injuring themselves whilst there. It may someone slipping or falling on a spillage, or something as simple as spilling a drink on their clothes. Therefore it is vital that your salon insurance includes cover for public liability, this will also extend to pay any relevant legal expenses and/or compensation.

Another similar element will be employers liability which provides protection if one of the people working for you sustain an injury of any kind whilst they are at work. If they were to scald themselves with excessively hot water or trip on a power supply cable would be examples of this. It is usually a legislative requirement for employers to have this type of insurance.

Your hairdressing salon insurance should also cover you for any accidental damage to the fittings and fixtures but it will pay you to check the policy wording to make sure that it isn’t missed out.

High value or unusual items in the salon need to be discussed with your insurer as they may not be included as standard, in which case you will need to pay to have them added to the policy cover.

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