September 21, 2018

Choosing the right tradesman insurance

Tradesmen need to protect their livelihoods by taking out the right business insurance.
Tradesman insurance covers a range of risks and circumstances – so each tradesman has to consider everything that might go wrong on the job.

Insurance for tradesmen includes any builder, plumber, electrician, roofer or window fitter, who can construct a policy that suits their specialist requirements.

Cover starts with a core public and employer liability policy, with add-ons to look after other business needs like tools, materials and vehicles.


All tradesmen need public liability cover to take care of any legal expenses or compensation relating to incidents leading to the sickness or injury to clients and any visitors to the premises.

By law, any business must take out employer liability insurance that extends the same cover as public liability insurance to employees.

Liability insurance can also cover accidents and damage on-site.

Tradesmen with special risks, like roofers and plumbers working with heat should look at paying out for extra cover.

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Buildings insurance

Tradesman will often work from home, although larger firms will have a yard.

Standard home-insurance will not cover damage to property used for business, so tradesmen working from home should tell their insurer and upgrade to a business policy.

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Contents insurance

Contents covers stock, computers, business records, machinery and equipment tradesmen need to operate.

Like business buildings cover, standard home policies are not adequate to cover business goods stored at home.

Add-ons to standard contents insurance can include:

  • Tool cover – For the quick replacement after the loss or theft of vital day-to-day equipment

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Tradesmen need specialist business motor-insurance, even if they only drive their own cars for work.

Typically, the policies will have special terms about what can be left in a vehicle overnight and who can drive.

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