September 21, 2018

Enjoy Life with Pleasure Boat Insurance Protection

There is nothing like owning a boat! Whether it is a sea going yacht, a cruising motor boat, a canoe, kayak or rowing boat, the enjoyment you get from it cannot be compared with anything else. However, to obtain full benefit from your craft and to have peace of mind, it is always wise to have the protection of pleasure boat insurance.

Comprehensive coverage is available form various underwriting agents and brokers and if you carry out some research you will find a quotation the meets your particular needs, at rates that are highly competitive and you pay for only the coverage you require.

If you are sailing the oceans in your yacht, it is an essential part of your policy conditions, that your insurers understand your planned voyages. This will enable them to extend cover to you for the various regions you intend visiting. Add to this, that you will need extra cover if you are racing the yacht. This insurance protection will be in respect of your mast, spars, rigging and sails. For those faster moving sailors in their speed boats, you must inform your insurance company if you are using your boat for water skiing purposes, or other forms of towing.

You need pleasure boat insurance for canoes, kayaks and rowing boats that place owners in a world of their own. Whether related to the excitement of battling the ocean with a paddle, or the adrenalin rush of white water rapids, or even if you are just quietly enjoying, rowing on a peaceful river. This type of insurance policy can include third part liability, cover for the hull and equipment, personal effects, damage to the vessel during transportation and other benefits all worth considering.

If your hobby, or passion is cruising the inland waterways and you live on board, then it is important for you to have adequate insurance. It is immaterial whether your boat is new or you are due to renew your cover for an older craft. Make sure you have the right insurance cover at the right price.

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