September 21, 2018

Ensure Your 2012 Celebration Goes Without a Hitch with Event Insurance

Event planning is an exciting and rewarding, yet stressful job to do. Dealing with unreliable vendors, weather complications, unruly staff and never mind the every fussy and demanding client can make the most together event coordinators head spin. The responsibility is incredible and if one sits down and works it all out, it can be very overwhelming.

Even the best planning, the best staff, the best vendors, the best weather, the best clients and the most perfect execution record, will not stop things from going wrong at the last minute, or unexpectedly. In the unlikely event things do go wrong; the event coordinator can become entirely responsible for everything. In fact if there are any accidents, injuries, damages or even fires, legally the responsibility for covering all the costs and repairing all the damages lies solely with the event planners.

It is essential for all event organizers to have the proper Public Liability Insurance for Events, to cover them for any damages to property, accidents or injury to the public. Any negligence or any member of the public being injured during the event falls under the cover of public liability insurance and all the legal costs and damages will be included in the policy.

Street parties and carnivals will also need to have Public Liability Insurance for Events in place, with the Queen’s Jubilee around the corner, street parties and celebrations will be everywhere, but don’t get caught out as the organizer or host of one of the street parties during the jubilee, without public liability insurance, rather have the peace of mind that if anything does go wrong, it will all be taken care of.

What makes street parties so much fun, is the smaller space filled with huge amounts of people all in a very festive, party mood. The problem is for organizers is that exact combination is what can cause accidents and injuries, and one needs to know that all the bases have been covered and that the public are free to get out there and enjoy the party.

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