July 16, 2018

Is It Time To Buy Cat Insurance?

Have you just added a kitten to your family? If so, you may wish to be taking your time to get to know the newest member of your family. No doubt your cat has already shown you who is in charge, and made it clear that you are a guest in their home! However being a pet owner brings as many responsibilities as it does pleasures. These vary but include feeding your kitten and making sure it remains healthy. But thinking more long term, you may want to consider buying cat insurance.


What is cat insurance for?


There are a number of expenses that cat insurance may cover. Policies may depend on the provider so it pays to check out more than one insurance policy. A typical policy may wish to cover:


  • vets bills. Vets are highly qualified, and may perhaps also be highly expensive. Depending on the nature of the policy, there may be a monetary limit on how much you can claim on the policy for vets bills;
  • expenditure of cancelling a holiday because your cat needs life saving surgery in the time when you would have been away;
  • compensation for your cat dying due to accident or illness;
  • costs of advertising and reward due to a lost cat.


What may generally affect the price of cat cover?


The breed, age and general health of your cat may affect the price of the policy, in the same way that health cover insurance for a human being may be affected by their own medical background.


You may find that cover may not be available for a pre-existing medical conditions, and that vets bills may not be covered for the treatment of illnesses that crop up in the first few days of the cover. Some insurers may not accept claims for vets bills during the first six weeks of a cats life.


The benefits to check when looking for insurance for your cat?


When it comes to buying cat insurance protection, you may wish to read the small print just as carefully as you would with any other kind of cover. All insurance policies have terms and conditions and it is importnant that you understand these.


For instance, if you took out the cat cover insurance with a view to reducing your vets bills, you may find that you still have to pay for routine visits to the vets for routine examinations and vaccinations. Likewise, when you buy cat insurance you may not get cover for standard dental check ups for your cat.


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