September 22, 2018

London motorcyclists advice guide

Perhaps you’ve just moved to London and brought your motorcycle along with you or you’re fed up commuting into work every day so have just bought something a bit nippier to dodge through the traffic. Here’s an advice guide for those of you thinking of taking to the roads on your motorcycle.

Motorcyclist issues

Safety, security and parking are three of the most important issues faced by motorcyclists in London. Motorcyclists are extremely vulnerable on the road, and are 40 times more likely to be killed in an accident. Despite representing only 1% of traffic, motorcyclists account for roughly 20% of all serious injuries on the road. It’s therefore of the utmost importance that you’re careful on the roads and have a comprehensive insurance policy. If you happen to be involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault, it’s always recommended that you seek out advice from professional, specialist solicitors such as

With available parking for up to 4,500 motorcycles at any one time and almost 20,000 riders entering the city on a daily basis there’s a huge shortage in parking space. Because of such limited available parking, according to the BBC, a parking ticket is issued almost every five seconds in the capital.

Online interactive maps

To avoid being fined, it’s a good idea to have access to an up-to-date interactive online map that you can access via your smartphone. Such maps will help you to locate not only parking bays, but, amenities and helpful public services such as police stations and post offices.

Parking regulations

Motorcyclists have the option to park in a metered parking bay, which allows for more structured parking as each of the bays are sub-divided.

There’s also the more standard Pay and Display form of parking, where motorists pay in advance for the time they’ll require the parking permit to last, and simply display the ticket on their vehicle. The major problem with this type of payment is that tickets on display can be removed or stolen by other motorists (unlike cars where a ticket can be displayed inside the vehicle and clearly viewed through the windscreen).

If you have little choice but to park in a Pay and Display parking bay and are concerned about someone stealing your ticket, then write your registration number and bike model on the back of the ticket, as this should prevent anyone from attempting to remove it. Also, remember to carry some change with you as most of the Pay and Display machines in London don’t give any change.

Avoiding theft

Security is a very big issue for motorcyclists in London. South West London is the area worst affected, where motorbikes are five times as likely be stolen than anywhere else in the country.

Avoid theft by investing in an immobiliser and have a reputable alarm system fitted, which will act as a good deterrent to thieves.

Have your motorbike data-tagged and let potential thieves know that you’ve done so with warning stickers. This is highly effective because it will prevent thieves from dismantling the bike and being able to sell its parts, or even the whole bike itself.

Keep your bike parked in a locked area. If this is not possible, then consider leaving it locked up in a well-lit area.

To combat both security and safety issues ensure that you’re sufficiently insured with an appropriate level of cover in the event of any theft or motor bike accident.

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