August 14, 2018

Minicab Insurance — Special Types of Insurance Cover

If you are a cab driver, you are well aware that that you need to buy a minicab insurance policy if you want to operate legally. There are two main kinds of insurance policies which you can choose from. One is public hire insurance and the other is private hire insurance. The type you get is mainly dependent on the type of badge that you have chosen to apply for from the taxi licensing company. Where the public hire insurance policy is concerned, all cab drivers who drive a taxi must get one. Hackney carriages are also considered public hire vehicles and drivers of such must have public hire insurance as well. According to law in the United Kingdom, drivers of public hire vehicles must take out this particular insurance.

There are numerous insurance companies operating in the market that provide this specific type of insurance cover. While most have generally the same features, the price and additional extras will definitely vary. One thing that isn’t made mandatory by law but which every cab driver should ask for as part of the insurance policy is public liability. This is necessary because at any time you may face getting sued for negligence, whether it actually occurred or not, by a passenger. In such a case, you will be covered by your insurance policy. It is an especially good idea if you have a driving job that includes dealing with organisations such as educational institutes or operate some sort of health authority contracts.

The bottom line is that if you are going to be driving any sort of vehicle at all in the United Kingdom, then it is obligatory for you to obtain an insurance policy. This is to protect both the person driving any vehicle as well as to protect the person who is a passenger. Specialised insurance policies are available to suit all needs and preferences and minicab insurance is just one of the areas that are covered.

Compare insurance online to get the best deal ensuring you purchase the right kind of insurance and the right level of cover.

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