September 21, 2018

Salon owners – don’t forget your insurance

Owning or starting your own beauty or hairdressing salon can be an exciting time. It is a milestone in anyone’s life to start their own business and there are going to be many things to think about and take into account.

What many people forget to think about is getting the best salon insurance quote that we can. Yes, we know that we need insurance, but are the policies not all more or less the same, and would it make any difference if one just went ahead and picked the cheapest?

That is where so many people go wrong, salon insurance is a specific kind of insurance, and a detailed salon insurance quote will point that out to current and prospective salon owners immediately.

When you are dealing with the public, as they are your customers, and you are providing a personal service for them you are automatically taking a large amount of risks, without you really thinking about it immediately.

If any of the beauty or hairdressing services go wrong, the client has an allergic reaction to a product, or a staff member incorrectly applies a product to a client causing harm, you as a business owner had better have the best comprehensive salon insurance in place to protect you and your livelihood.

Even something small, like getting permanent hair colour on a client’s new blouse, seems like a small thing, until you discover that the blouse is a once off designer blouse that was tailor made for her in Paris, and costs more than the salon makes in 6 months.

When a customer engages their rights and puts forward a claim for the cost of the incredibly expensive item of clothing, the salon had better be prepared to be able to pay the client out; otherwise it could mean that the salon will be adversely affected, by having to cover the costs of the claim straight out of the till.

Speak to your broker about a tailor made salon insurance quote that will cater for all the salons needs and be able to protect them in the event that a claim is made against the salon.

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