September 21, 2018

The Importance of Insurance for Landlords

The owner of a property is generally regarding it as an investment and when renting to tenants, it is essential that it be protected from any damage, which could affect its value, or incur repairs, other than usual maintenance. The income from the rent paid by tenants, will contribute towards any outstanding mortgage repayments and possibly the maintenance of the property.

As with any form of investment, every available precaution should be taken to safeguard it, for example coverage by specific insurance. When related to a tenanted property, which is a significant asset, the owner has additional priorities as opposed to the normal homeowner. Standard building insurances policies are designed to provide various aspects of protection, with the usual cover extended including protection against fire, damages and weather and theft. While this type of policy fulfills a general purpose, the owners of properties occupied by tenants, require a particular landlord insurances, designed to ensure uninterrupted rent and cash flow.

Protection for the Landlord

Among the terms incorporated into landlords insurances, are those protecting the owner from financial losses which cover the building and options to insure any form of content inside the property owned by the landlord. The form of a tenanted property is divided into two components and assets, consisting of:

• The building
• Income generated by property rental

Any type of insurance should be designed to give the policyholder peace of mind, regarding any potential contingency. Similarly, the owner of a rented property should minimize the risks involved when having tenants occupying it. Should the tenants fail to pay their rent, a difficult financial situation could be created for some property owners. Therefore, it is crucial that insurance protection is used to ensure finances are available to pay the mortgage repayments and an income.

For any owner of a rented property, the potential for incidents with legal involvement is always a factor. Therefore, it is critical that landlords should have public liability coverage, for any legal process and the costs thereof. This could relate to death or bodily injury sustained to persons, involving the property.

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